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Autodesk Maya 2015 Free Download
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Autodesk 3D Maya 2015

There are no words to define Autodesk Company which has many popular products like AutoCAD, 3Ds Max and 3D Maya 2015 as well. Autodesk Maya 2015 is latest version released with different new features and improvements as well. If you don't know the price of this software then you're lucky and when you get to know about the price than you'll shocked because its price is $3,675/-. Basically Maya is 3D software which allows creation and modification of animation movies, rendering, designing, 3D modeling and many more. The most of 3D modeling architectures, engineers and other fields of work will recommend this software. You can even design 3D movies with this powerful and awesome software.

The binding, layers, combination of tool set, high-end smoothness, curve accuracy and perfection of work are the most powerful features. Powerful tools and set of easy & user friendly graphics will save the important time. The shading and textures are the important parts of 3D graphics, movies, cartoons, models and other multimedia content. It's easy to render any video scene or image to a high quality resolution. Camera customization allows the user to render any image to a specific view. Custom render settings are highly moderated with advanced features so these settings will increase or decrease the render time and image/video quality as well.

The biggest feature of this software is to create multimedia flash games, 3D movies, cartoons and more multimedia characters as well. You can even design the face of human bodies with addition of creating eyes, nose, lips, ears, hairs, body and other parts as well. Autodesk has released only 64-bit for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 very well. The time duration of target video can be extended upon the need of user. Maya has years of working in engineering and other fields of work. It can be used in all the available fields like civil engineering, medical, auto, oil and gas, auto and building electrician and many others.

Autodesk Maya 3D 2015 Features:

  • Solution of next generation for 3D content
  • Supports all the important fields of work in daily life
  • Creating and editing of 3D media much faster than any other competitors
  • Work in different layers to apply individual effects easily
  • Drag content directly to any layer without losing effects
  • Draw line or arc with more easy and access like in AutoCAD
  • Apply target dimensions, sizes, colors and effects on each content
  • Future of 3D games, movies and other online multimedia content
  • Much improved and revised rendering than previous versions
  • Draw a specific character with Geodesic Voxel Binding feature
  • Create or draw rocks, trees, transportation, human bodies with few clicks
  • Maya nHair allows to design or create fully natural hairs for both male and females
  • Create visual 3D effects without wasting important time
  • Maya nCloth gives extremely natural and good looking cloths
  • Water, liquids and other atmosphere items can be located in Maya Fluid
  • Wide collection of different animal characters especially for cartoons
  • Automatically saves manually created characters to save more time
  • Design edges, center points, corners and surfaces with pure modeling toolset
  • Easy to design oil factories & commercial and business areas with accurate figures
  • Create airplanes, railway, tanks, missile shield infrastructures
  • Paint toolset gives unlimited colors with set of brushes to make a beauty
  • Move target camera to any location with adding custom shades of 3D items
  • Design tall buildings and add glass, doors, trees, roads, swimming pools and other furniture
  • For a full grid of features go Autodesk Maya page

Application Details

Size: N.A
Version: 2015
License: Free Trial
Price: $3,675/-
Platform: Windows
Developer: Autodesk

Autodesk Maya 2015 Free Download


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