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Super Bright LED Flashlight APK for Android

The technology grows day by day with lots of new upgrades, introducing new ones and more. Super Bright LED Flashlight is one of the best android flash torch applications. The competition between flashlights is now on its peak because there are many companies are developing lights for Samsung, HTC, Q-Mobile, Sony, Google Nexus, Motorola, Asus and many others as well. The stable/regular torch will take more battery charging then the blinking mode. Blinking mode will charges less battery usage and the light'll blink after every second.

The light is awesome and more bright than other torch applications like Tiny Flashlight + LED, Flashlight + Clock, Flashlight HD LED, Brightest Flashlight Free, Color Flashlight, Brightest LED Flashlight, High Powered Flashlight, Best LED Flashlight and many others. Super bright LED flashlight features less battery consumption than any of its competitors. You can switch it on or off just like a real torch handle with fingers. Super-Bright LED torch has both blinking and stable light features. You can easily switch to any given mode.


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Super Bright LED Flashlight Features:

  • Easy to handle like a real battery
  • Easy to switch on or switch off
  • 2 Different modes have different features
  • Blinking mode has blinking light effect once in every second
  • Strobe mode has nonstop and regular lighting effects
  • Less battery/charging consumption
  • More bright light than its competitors
  • Light weight torch app with only 5 MB file size
  • Completely freeware application without any hidden charges
  • Manually adjust blinking mode timings/frequency
  • Quick and responsive app that will never hangs mobile anywhere
  • 4.5 user reviews/ratings at Google play store
  • Enhanced with LED technology

Application Details

Size: 5.0 MB
Version: 1.0.6
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Surpax
Note: It needs one time permission to camera and Microphone for accessing camera flashlight.

Download Super Bright LED Flashlight APK for Android


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