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Lightshot Screenshot Software

Lightshot is screenshot / screen grabbing utility tool that is used to take screen shots anywhere on Microsoft windows OS. Lightshot is latest version software which allows the user to take PNG, JPEG and BMP images immediately. Screen capturing is now a common problem for everyone. Most of us especially wed designers, graphic designers, web developers and professional computer users are using lightshot as a default picture capturing software. Google Chrome gives several extensions for screen capturing, Mozilla Firefox gives different add-ons for this matter, Opera also trying to provide solution for its users. Safari and Internet Explorers are also working to make there browsers "developer's friendly" but they both are enough behind in this terminology.

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However, this solution will works inside web browsers but it doesn't works in other software or anywhere else. So according to this problem, PrntScr has released lightshot for Microsoft Windows OS which is able to take and save PNG or JPEG image immediately. The default keyboard shortcut key is Print Screen (PrtScr/SysRq) button exists at right top along with scroll lock button. You can even change the default keystroke from the preferences of this tool. Lightshot is also available for Macintosh OS (Mac), Linux (Ubuntu) and extension for Google Chrome as well. Google has many other add-ons for capturing screen shots but lightshot is one of the best easy to use tools for every computer user.

It has the feature to take screen shot from desktop, my computer, start, my documents even from control panel. It gives different customizing tools like text tool, coloring tool, arrow, rectangle, line, pencil, marker and undo level as well. This is easy to stretch the selection from outside to inside or from inside to outside. The other advanced features are upload to cloud, share with social media, save into computer, search similar images, take a direct printout or copy that selection into clipboard and paste it to anywhere such as MS Word, Paint, Photoshop or else.

Screenshot software

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How to Use Lightshot:

  • Press PrtSc/PrtScr button from keyboard
  • Select the specific area which you want as image
  • Resize the selection into any direction (if required)
  • Add any effect like text, color, arrow or with pencil
  • Upload that image directly to cloud (if required)
  • Take print directly, copy to clip board or share to social media (if required)
  • Now save the image into computer hard drive
  • Find more help and tutorials here

how to use lightshot

Application Details

License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: PrntScr

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Lightshot Screenshot Software Free Download


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