Sunday, 3 April 2016

NanoCore R.A.T Cracked Download
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NanoCore R.A.T Cracked Download
NanoCore R.A.T Cracked Download

STABLE & FAST - Aeonhack's NanoCore R.A.T -

The first cracked version of NanoCore RAT was leaked in December 2013; but this was an alpha version with very few capabilities enabled. The second leak in mid-February 2014 was a beta version with many more capabilities enabled and it was shortly after this version was posted to underground forums that we began to see spikes in NanoCore detections. There was a relatively short period of time between the leak of the first beta version ( and the first spike, possibly due to it taking time for the news to spread or the bad guys becoming familiar with the new RAT before they started using it.
A history of leaks
  • Alpha version leaked in December 2013
  • Beta version leaked in February 2014
  • Beta version leaked by multiple sources in March and April 2014
  • Beta version leaked by multiple sources in July and August 2014
  • Beta version leaked in October 2014
  • Full version (premium plugins) leaked in March 2015

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