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Boost Your Internet Speed By 200% With Internet Cyclone 2.23 Full Version
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Boost Your Internet Speed By 200% With Internet Cyclone 2.23 Full Version
Boost Your Internet Speed By 200% With Internet Cyclone 2.23 Full Version
How to increase internet speed up to 200% with Internet Cyclone 2.23 !!!

Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Speed Booster / Internet Accelerator for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 designed to automatically optimize your Windows settings which will boost your Internet connection speed up to 200%. Internet Cyclone is compatible with all modems and high speed LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1 or other connections.

Using this software you will gain guaranteed faster Internet speed for the time you're online. Surfing, downloading files, emailing, playing online games, and anything else you do online will be faster.

Developer: JordySoft.

Features Of This Software:
Internet Cyclone optimizes your Windows settings automatically in order to increase internet speed or you can customize them manually.
You can speed internet connection without changing your Hardware.
Works with all Browsers.
It is compatible with all Dial-Up modems and high speed LAN, CABLE, DSL, DSL (PPPoE), T1 or other internet connections.
internet Cyclone will speed up web surfing, online gaming, e-mailing, chat and video conference and it will even speed up downloads.

Download Internet Cyclone 2.23 With Serial Key From Bellow:

Download Full Software
Software Information:
File size: 1 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: English.
License: Shareware (With Full Version Cracked)
Date Released: November 05, 2014
Author: JordySoft.

Boost Your Internet Speed By 200% With Internet Cyclone 2.23 Full Version

How does this work ?
While the actual maximum transfer speed of your Internet connection cannot be changed except by upgrading your hardware, Internet Cyclone can increase the performance of your existing modem/network hardware by optimizing Windows modem/network settings to maximize the efficiency of your current hardware. By default, your Windows PC does not manage Internet connections as optimally as possible.

How much speed can you gain with Internet Cyclone ?
It will not make your 56k dial-up modem connection to 100k. If your Internet connection speed is a 56k dial-up modem, it will allow you to use it with the best performance. For example we were informed by other people that this Internet optimizer helped them to boost their high speed Internet connections up to 120kb/s (this means a boost of 400%). Microsoft publishes Windows operating systems with default settings (the most compatible settings with all systems). But you cannot get the best performance of your Internet connection with this default values. At that moment, you need Internet Cyclone to change this Windows Registry settings that affects Internet connection speed through a simple, intuitive interface, and by giving you the chance to speed internet connection.


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