Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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We all know Facebook is one of the best social media platform across the world and everybody is connected to each other via Facebook mostly… Facebook allows us to create Facebook fan pages regarding things we love. People like our pages and stay tuned with pages to get daily updates about the things that we share on Facebook pages.

Somehow, everyone is so curious of getting more and more likes for their pages on Facebook and it is really hard to get as many likes as possible these days. You can do business with Facebook pages nowadays and it is considered that the more Facebook fanpage likes you have, the faster your business will grow. Ummm… I know, that right.

Let’s cut it to the tail, I wrote the article headline that how do we get free Facebook likes more than 100k :) Sounds pretty amazing I know. So, if you have also created your fanpage and looking to increase your fanpage likers and you have tried all the things to increase your Facebook page likes such as sending invite request to all your friends so they can like the page, commenting your page link in comments on celebrity pages, posting your page in groups and so on… But none of them helped :(

We’ll figure it out. Just keep on reading this article. It was pretty clear before creating the page that we are gonna rock and will get tons of likes, huh! that’s only possible in dreams not in real.

Everybody gets fed up and give up by seeing just few hundreds likes on their Facebook pages but you don’t want to give up , right? That’s why you are reading this article to make it happen and wanna start business using Facebook, the world biggest social network.

As the headline of the article tells everything that what will you get if you read this article. We will tell you a way with which you can Get Free 100k Facebook Page likes.

In our previous article, we have provided you some best websites to get free likes on your page. Now, we will guide you through one of those sites step by step and tell you how to get thousands of free likes on your page.


HOW TO GET FREE 100K FACEBOOK PAGE LIKESAddMeFast for How to Get Free 100k Facebook Page Like There are many well trusted sites available over the internet for this purpose (as mentioned in previous article). Take AddMeFast as an example. AddMeFast is a promotional website which can help you get thousands of likes, followers, shares, views, comments on your Facebook Pages, YouTube channels, Twitter profiles. You can use AddMeFast to grow your social appearance very faster on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Pinterest, MySpace etc.

Note: AddMeFast provides completely free and genuine human likes. The site abides by the Facebook Policies and Conditions. No Bots and no iMacros etc. are used.

Step by Step Guide to Use AddMeFast for getting Free 100k Facebook Page Likes

Okay let’s get to the business end now. We will guide you through each step in the easiest possible way and it will require hardly 30 minutes to complete all the steps.

Step 1 : Registering for a Free Account

First, you should register for a Free Account on AddMeFast. Click here to register. Provide your login details and verify your account by clicking the provided URL in mail box.

Step 2 : Earning Free Points

As you have registered for an account now, log into it. 50 Points are awarded initially for a sign up.
50 Free Points on AddMefast
But are 50 enough? Certainly not. You should earn around 500-800 minimum to get a good number of likes. Earning points is not difficult at all. Following are the few ways to earn points;

Daily Bonus : Log in to your account daily and get free bonus (200 Points)
Friend Referral : Referring this site to your friends also gives you points (200 Points)
Completing Free Offers : A larger number of free offers are available. After logging in, a window like below will open. Click any of the option you want. For Example, If you click Facebook Like, It will ask you to like a post and you will be awarded some points on each like you give.

Free Points Offer Page at AddMeFast
Buying Points : Buying points is another way to earn quick points. As I said earlier, AddMeFast is a trusted website. Hence, you can consider this option to if you want to get some quick points.
Step 3 : Adding your Facebook Page

Now when you have earned enough point (500-1000 minimum) you can add your Facebook Page. To do so, Click on the Add Site/Page on the top left of the page, as shown below:
AddMeFast Add Page to Get Free 100k Facebook Page Likes

Add Site/Page on AddMeFast
After clicking the info box like above will open. Provide all the details. All are quite simple and description is mentioned next to every option if you are having difficulty in it. You can leave the total and daily click option. If you turn them on then leave them to default. i.e. to 1000 and 100 respectively.  What is CPC? CPC is Cost (points) Per Click for your Site/Page ( min=2 and max=10 )

After providing all the details, click save changes. You will notice a decrease in your points. No need to worry. They all have been used for giving you free likes. YES FREE LIKE. After some time open your page and you will see a sudden increase in your Facebook Page Likes. So, keep earning point and keep using them to get as much likes as you want. Pretty easy right?!!

Note : The higher the number of CPC you set for your page/site, the more visible it becomes.

Before and After Using AddMeFast
One of my friend tried AddMeFast. You can see the results he got. 233,000 likes in just 1 hour (he bought some point though)

Comparison : Before and After Using AddMeFast
So that’s how you use AddMeFast to Get Free 100k Facebook Page Likes or maybe even more. *You can also use this on various other social sites, the procedure is totally same for all. Do give it a try. Having difficulty in any step? Feel free to comment and ask.


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